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Jaouad Lizati - Career
English - Français

2011 Start-up Tool-Ti
Tool-Ti is an online application based on "Cloud Computing" technology It includes a set of tools for projects, workflow and team managing.

  • Contact, file, task and calendar manager
  • Internal management of chats, messaging, editorials, and accounting
  • Gestion Management of online media (webpages, email marketing, reservations, etc.)
  • Online library, electronic document management, FTP, etc.
  • Custom module, etc.
  • 2009 Bam Maroc
    Opened and directed my own agency, "Bam-Maroc".
    With a staff of seven, our expertise covers:
  • Web Marketing Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Photography
  • 2009 Photography Studio
    Opening a photography studio combined with the development.
    2008 Development Studio
    I set up my own development team, improving my production and management skills.

    Independent projects:
  • Cms
  • Agenda Portal
  • General Portal
  • 2008 Consultant / Project Manager
    Creation of my own company in Casablanca.
    2007 Maroc - portal remasterisation
    Consulting and development Mission for communications agency in Morocco.
  • Market analysis (portal improvement plan)
  • Analyse Technical analysis of the portal (SEO, database, etc.)

  • General concept of the new portal (operational + technical)
  • Visual identity (in collaboration with the art director and graphic designer)
  • Story board and graphic model

  • Management of the web / portal department of the agency
  • Web development (front and back office programming, working with a developer and integrator)
  • Optimization content and SEO marketing plan (in collaboration with the marketing manager and the editorial staff)
  • Development of an intranet and workflow management
  • 2006 Axa - Intranet development
    For a mission Contractor, development of an Intranet for the account of the bank " Axa Banque & Assurance - Liège ».
    2005 Freelance in Belgium
    As a freelance entrepreneur in Belgium.

    I learned to be autonomous and able to manage an entire project directly related to a client. I provided these services:

  • Art direction and visual identity
  • Photography and graphic design
  • Web development
  • Networking
  • 2003 Netlook
    Cdi* first as graphic at Netlook Sprl. Liégeoise communications company.
    *Cdi : Belgium contract model
  • Creation of a visual identity
  • Graphics (4 x 3, flyers, etc.)
  • Webdesigner and flash animation

  • Eventually, my evolution towards a more multipurpose post:
  • Integrating JavaScript and HTML
  • Php Developer

  • Tool-Ti
    Web application for managing your business.

    Access your programs using a web browser. Through technology "Cloud", no need for heavy investment for your network, hardware or software. No more problem of safety and maintenance. No more problems with backups or updates.jour.
    Toolti cares.


    Communication agency
    As Branch Manager, I interact with all sectors, including :

  • Agency Manager
  • Fiscal Management
  • Team Management
  • Creation
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Photography

  • Lien


    Studio Ko, Kenzi Hotels, Atlas Hospitality, Domaine Royal Palm, Pacha Marrakech, Saka Group, Galler Chocolat, Carat Duchatelet, ect.


    Recovering autonomy more flexible, I use these years to travel and explore Morocco, France, Belgium and England.

    My travels allow me to improve my photography skills
    Made In Marrakech
    I am fully invested in this project and enjoy its diversity to push my skill.

    Detailed study of navigation, useability, and userfriendly interface.

    New technologies
  • Html/Css optimization
  • JavaScript/Ajax optimization
  • SEO optimization
  • Using resources server optimization

  • Photography
    I also took many of the photos used in the visual design of the portal.


    After long research, study and training, I managed to acquire the skills necessary to create an administration interface in the form of an intranet, which is now used by employees at the Axa Banque & Assurance – Liège Bank.

    This intranet includes the following features :

  • Internet communication
  • Rapid client management
  • Tasks management
  • Calculations simulation
  • Freelance
    I always undertook as much skills training as possible, both self-taught and in school. Some of these skills included :

  • Management and accounting
  • Office technology
  • Network maintenance and IT equipment
  • Hardware
  • Photography
  • Employee
    After several years of passionate practical and self-taught education, I discovered the professional side of the trade.

    It was in this first business experience that I learned to regularly update my knowledge and training through experimention.

    I also discovered how to deal with prestigious clients like Galler Chocolat and Carat Duchâtelet.